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Eurail Select Pass  
Countries with smaller train networks offer an off-the-beaten-track experience allowing you to discover preserved landscapes and towns which are deep-rooted into traditions. Why not pair such countries with more popular destinations like France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland or Austria?
The Eurail Select Pass is the best pass to discover 3/4 bordering countries of your choice in Europe. Pick your combination from the list of over 20 countries below :
Austria Greece Slovakia
Belgium Hungary Slovenia & Croatia
Bulgaria Ireland Spain
Czech Republic Italy Sweden
Denmark Serbia & Montenegro-Serbia Switzerland
Finland Norway Turkey
France Portugal  
Germany Romania  

Eurail Global Pass
Eurail 3/4 country Select Pass :
2/3/4 countries
Starting from
Choose 2/3/4 bordering countries
and 4-10 travel days in 2 months.
Benefits of the pass:
* Unlimited rail travel in the bordering countries you choose
* Access to Passholder fares on train requiring a reservation
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Select Pass info

  • You are free to choose the country in which you start. You can even travel back and forth between the countries, if you'd like.
  • As long as the countries border each other, either by rail or ferry, you can customize your pass anyway you want.
  • Even if you don't stop there you are not allowed to travel through a country where your pass is not valid. If you do so, you will need to buy a separate ticket that covers the part of your journey through that country.
  • Trains between Germany and Sweden often go through Denmark. If your pass is not valid there, you should buy a separate ticket for the part in Denmark. You can also get a discounted fare on the Berlin Night Express or a discounted ferry from Finnlines between Travemünde (Germany) and Malmö (Sweden) to avoid the Denmark charges.
  • When both Greece and Italy are chosen, the ferry crossings between Greece and Italy operated by Superfast Ferries, Blue Star Ferries and Minoan Lines are covered by your pass.
  • Benelux is three countries in one: Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
  • Benelux and Ireland are considered to be bordering, though they have no direct rail or ferry link.
  • Finland and Norway are not considered to be bordering.